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Decor Life Ring

Great nautical gifts on the wall, have foam center that is covered with canvas. The rope around the life ring is stiffened so it keeps that square shape. Diffrent size from 8" to 20" in diameter (you can order any other size you need), including a variety of elements: real clock, nautical chart, ship model, knot, anchor and lighthouse. There are glass in front of them.

Knot Board and Shadow Box

Early sailors were expected to know many different knots. Our informative and decor knot boards show a large and interesting selection of knots combined with nautical prints and tackles. These shadow box have wooden frames with glass front. Every kont's name are marked on brass labels. In addition, there are some nautical, fishing, garden, kitchen, golf and other themes shadow boxes here.

ship model and ship in bottle

Wooden ship model as nautical gifts is very popular.
Antique ship models are made of various hardwoods with canvas sails and good quality cord rigging. Nice detail and quality. Some of them are hollow, and the others are solid. Yacht models are also here. About ship in bottle, it was believed that the ship was built first and then the bottle was blown around it! Sounds like truth, but......

Lighthouse, key box, CD rack, Ship's wheel

These Wooden crafts are not only the nautical collectible, but also the home decor furniture: the wooden miniature lighthouse model is a cd rack, a key cabinet or a bookcase. key box is a nautical shadow box, also a key box. The ship's wheel is also an elegant wall clock.
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